Quickstep is committed to long-term environmental sustainability. We understand corporate responsibility and recognise that an eco-friendly workplace is best for our employees, our community and our planet.

Responsibility and Robust Initiatives

Responsibility and robust initiatives

Quickstep values the natural environment and we understand actions have consequences. So we have successfully implemented a range of initiatives and reduction targets to minimise environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. As part of our program, we maintain (environmental management system) certification to ISO14001:2015. And we have a zero serious environmental incident frequency rate (SEIFR).

Efficient emissions monitoring

Efficient emissions monitoring

Quickstep engages in greenhouse gas monitoring and reporting to meet legislative requirements – and to ensure we are continually working towards our own targets.

As part of our ongoing commitment to minimal environmental impact, we monitor electricity and gas consumption, fuel use, indirect emissions, air quality and noise.

Innovation for an eco-workplace

Innovation for an eco-workplace

Quickstep prides itself on innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges – and we are equally committed to practical eco solutions in the workplace.

We research and invest in energy-efficient technology for current workspaces and proposed plant design. We have extended our recycling programs to include battery and co-mingled waste.

And we understand that education is vital, so we include environmental awareness in staff induction training.

As our business grows, Quickstep remains committed to the environment. And we’ll continue to implement positive, ecological solutions for a sustainable future.

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