Our Manufacturing Processes

Two Gerber CNC Ply Cutters

Ply cutting

Two Gerber CNC ply cutters to execute cut carbon fibre prepreg cutting plans with precision and reliability

Rolls of carbon fibre prepreg are cut to shape and to the correct dimension and direction of fibre, using numerically controlled programmed ply cutters.

Manufacturing Processes - Clean Rooms

Clean rooms

Two temperature controlled clean rooms for lay-up, utilising laser guided projection systems

The pre-cut plies are laid up in the mould in the shape of the final part. The positioning of the ply and the direction of the fibre in the mould are designated by a programmed laser projector located on the ceiling of the clean room. The clean room is temperature, humidity and dust controlled.



Three autoclaves of various sizes, equipped with the latest ASC CPC controllers

Laid-up moulds are placed in autoclaves where they are cured under pressure and temperatures up to 200°C for 8 to 12 hours, under nitrogen atmosphere.

The parts come out fully cured, are very stiff and very light.

Batch oven

Large batch oven for composite curing

Our batch oven is used for post-curing and secondary bonding of composite parts.



NDT testing capabilities include:

  • USL single channel immersion tank
  • USL 10-axis single channel TTU
  • MS2000 TTU 4 channel

All cured parts go through a non-destructive ultra sound test to check the level of porosity of the part. Our NDT equipment can test very complex shaped parts three dimensionally.

Two Breton Precision Milling Machines

Precision milling machine (PMM)

Two Breton precision milling machines for precision trimming, countersinking and drilling

These PMMs are fully programmable using the 3D models received from our customers. They operate in a climate-controlled enclosure. These extremely accurate milling machines trim the part and drill a large number of holes. The operation is undertaken with the part held under vacuum on a fixture.

coordinate measuring machines


Two coordinate measuring machines for measuring the precise geometry of completed composite parts

Trimmed parts are transferred from the PMM to be measured in the CMM.

This is done on every single part and will measure a large number of points to ensure a perfect fit directly on the aircraft, when delivered out of Quickstep.

Robot Cell

Robotic drilling

Robot cell for automatically drilling and riveting composite assemblies

Designed and developed in conjunction with Electroimpact, this facility provides the capabilities for ‘lights out’ drilling, countersinking and hole probing of composite structures. Advanced capabilities include one-up-assembly (drill and rivet installation in one step) which utilises the robot’s rivet selection, sealant application and rivet installation functionality.

Trimming and surface contour inspection systems are also utilised to provide significant improvements in manufacturing efficiency and quality. An array of mobile holding fixtures that bring the parts to the robot cell enable the robot system to be fully integrated with the other components of the manufacturing process.

Painting - Four Spray Booths


Four paint spray booths and baking capabilities

An array of fully certified spray and bake booths provide the capabilities to comply with a large range of aerospace paint and finishing requirements.

These are supported by a highly experienced team of aerospace qualified painters to provide high quality, fully compliant finishes to all our products.

Final assembly of complex composite components


Final assembly of complex composite components and assemblies

Mechanical parts are fixed on the composite panels.

These include items such as latches, hinges and support frames, made of aluminium or titanium.

Test Laboratory - Aerospace OEM qualified

Test laboratory

Aerospace OEM qualified test laboratory

With a range of equipment and test procedures specifically designed around composite technology, our on-site laboratory provides support for production material certification (raw material, in-process and finished), detailed failure investigations and process design and development. Our capabilities include mechanical testing with a Universal Materials Tester and thermal testing with DMA and DSC machines. We also have an optical microscopy capabilities that allows a detailed ply by ply analysis of composite parts.

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