Our Capabilities

Globally recognised accreditations

Advanced composites manufacturing facilities

Quickstep services premier international defence and commercial aerospace, and other customers from our 16,000 sqm state of the art aerospace composite manufacturing plant at Bankstown Airport in Sydney and our global R&D centre of excellence in Geelong, Victoria.

Our commitment to excellence is recognised through international AS9100 Rev/ISO9001:2015 quality standards accreditation.

Capabilities - Houston Texas

In June 2011 we received Qualified Part List (QPL) qualification from Northrop Grumman Corporation as part of Quickstep’s participation in the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter manufacturing program.

Our facilities position us as Australia’s largest independent advanced composite manufacturer, capable of almost all facets of composite parts production.

With customer focus in mind, we established Quickstep USA Inc in 2018. Located in Texas, we are centrally located to interface with our existing and future US Defense and Commercial Aerospace customers. We recognise the contribution that a close relationship with our customers means to our success.

Production engineering

Quickstep capabilities

  • production engineering, manufacture and testing of advanced composite components to aerospace and defence-quality standards
  • full Catia V5 6R2018 with CPD workbench for composite ply development integrated with manufacturing and testing equipment
  • CAD/CAM workstations with CATIA V5 6R2018 and DELMIA V5 integrated
  • precision milling machines – one Breton five-axis: bed 4.5m x 2.5m x 1.5m, and one Breton five-axis: bed 8m x 3.5m x 1.3m; temperature controlled
  • coordinate measuring machine – Wenzel 3m x 6m x 2m; temperature controlled
Machines of Quickstep
  • NDT ultrasonic inspection, two-axis NDT, TT and UT and 10-axis NDT and TT
  • autoclaves – two Bondtech 3m x 8m and one Scholtz 5.2m × 13.5m
  • batch oven – GTD oven 2m x 3m x 7m
  • over 2,200 sqm of temperature and humidity controlled clean rooms
  • laser ply projectors – eight Virtek and eight LAP heads
  • ply cutting machines – one Gerber DCS 2500-54, one Gerber GTXL and one Eastman Eagle C125
  • three spray paint booths, one prep booth and one cure oven
Test Laboratory in Quickstep

Test laboratory

The Quickstep materials and processes laboratory is a Lockheed Martin approved test laboratory.
The lab is equipped with:

  • Instron 5982 universal testing system 100kN with environmental test chamber to 350°C
  • Mettler-Toledo dynamic mechanical analyser DMA861e
  • Olympus microscope BX51 with camera output and Prior ProScan III robotic stage
  • Mettler-Toledo differential scanning calorimeter polymer DSC
  • Struers LaboForce-100 polisher grinder
  • Rondol 10 tonne platen press
  • LabAire 1500 fume cupboard
Quickstep - Patented curing process and technology

Patented curing process and technology

Quickstep believes in innovation – so we have developed a range of leading technologies for both the autoclave and out-of-autoclave production of advanced composite materials.

Our developments include the Quickstep Production System (QPS), a complete composite manufacturing solution for customers and our most widely utilised innovation – the patented AeroQure™  process.

The AeroQure™ system has significant advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques including low capital cost set-up, significantly shorter cure cycle times and reduced energy consumption. With AeroQure™, we produce complex integrated parts – with advanced material properties.

The AeroQure™ process is highly adaptable, too. It can be utilised on niche to medium volume manufacturing for a range of complex components for customers in the defence and commercial aerospace, and other advanced industries.

It’s just one of our outstanding innovations that continues to attract interest from global original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Excellence in research and development

Excellence in research and development

Quickstep has played a pioneering role in the development and manufacture of complex composite parts and processes – and central to this is a firm commitment to research and development.

We have dedicated professionals in Australia and the US working alongside our customers to develop and implement solutions for their manufacturing challenges.

The Quickstep R&D portfolio includes:

  • design engineering – Catia and other simulation tools
  • materials development and testing
  • process design, engineering and automation
  • tooling design and development
  • program management

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