Quickstep - Thieu N

Trieu Nguyen


I work as a trainee in NDT (non-destructive testing). I am training to perform manual and machine checks to make sure each part is right. It’s about both safety and quality – making sure every part is completed perfectly.

Making moves

I grew up in Vietnam and I was always fascinated by doctors. I liked the idea of working in a hospital, and I loved the white coats! Now I am interested in working with machines; being able to set up and operate these complex machines is a part of my dream. I enjoy working and making sure the job is done properly every time. And I get to wear the white coat!

Learning curves

I started with Quickstep as a kitter, but I had worked with other machines and had performed inspections on the job in one of my previous roles. When the traineeship came up in Quickstep’s quality control, I applied and was so happy to get it. I’m much older than a usual trainee, so I’m really lucky to get the chance to train in something new at my age.

There are lots of opportunities here and the people are really friendly. I love my family and my home. I love movies (especially Disney!) and I really love my job.

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