Tim Banicevich - Laboratory Manager

Tim Banicevich


I’m the laboratory manager at Bankstown, where I manage two laboratory technicians and a process engineer. We undertake product testing and investigations for quality improvement – and we support the implementation of new materials and processes. There’s always something new and interesting happening.

Flying high

At work and outside work, I love making and tinkering.  I enjoy working with wood, metal and composite materials and I have a passion for model rocketry (yes, it’s a thing!). You need licensing, permits and airspace waivers, but it’s fun and a challenge – and there’s a global community of rocketry enthusiasts to connect with.  It stems from a lifetime of loving aircraft.

Astronaut to aerospace

When I was young, I wanted to be an astronaut, or a fighter pilot or maybe a nuclear physicist. Then I discovered chemistry. I studied science with a double major in chemistry and before Quickstep I worked as a composite resin formulator. I have experience in material science, polymer science and composite materials and I really enjoy working with advanced materials. Quickstep gives me the chance to do what I love. Even better, I’m now in the aerospace industry – so it’s kind of back to my childhood ambition.

Team challenges

There’s a great team at Quickstep – so many people from such a wide range of disciplines. I really enjoy how customers present unique problems – and everyone works together to create solutions. Quickstep is a great place if you want a challenge. It’s definitely rewarding.

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