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Steve Osborne

General Manager – Group Business Development and Head of Advanced Air Mobility

Steve joined Quickstep in April 2018, continuing his long and distinguished career in aerospace. After leaving the Royal Australian Air Force, Steve spent 28 years with BAE Systems in increasing positions of responsibility as he climbed the corporate ladder, with all his roles having one common thread – delivering defence capability to customers at home and our allies abroad while developing international partnerships and strengthening government relations. Steve considers this part of his life to have been as noble a contribution to defence as his time in uniform, and something which continues to give him a great sense of pride.

Building Global Relationships

Working and living in 7 different countries across Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific, Steve’s experience as an ‘internationalist’ has helped change Quickstep’s perspective of winning business. “There’s a lot of moving parts in how you secure business in a global marketplace, build cost and quality are fundamental and important, but what you bring to the table as a company in terms of engineering know-how, vision and the will to invest in partnerships, is what really lifts you up from being ‘just’ a supplier or manufacturer.” This approach is always a key consideration in Quickstep’s business development process.

Leading our Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) Business

Steve is very passionate about the rapidly developing AAM sector and firmly believes in the industry view that eVTOL and electrification of aviation are core to the third revolution of the aerospace industry. The AAM sector is a global opportunity and for a company like Quickstep who is well established in the aerospace global supply chain, diversifying into AAM is a logical step.

As the business leader, Steve’s vision for Quickstep’s AAM business is simple – take the pain of production manufacturing away from start-ups that are gaining traction in the market so they can concentrate their efforts on their high value IP developments such as autonomous systems, integration and certification. “We have a unique strength aligned to the AAM manufacturing sector that’s been born from our convergence of being a globally recognized aerospace manufacturing business, with an R&D capability derived from Geelong’s automotive manufacturing history. We used to look at those two capabilities quite separately but then recognised that the ability to scale up production to deliver aerospace standard aerostructures at automotive rates and costs was inherent within our business all the time. This is exactly the problem statement successful eVTOL start-ups are facing”.

Life in Texas

Establishing Quickstep’s presence in the US was one of many things that originally attracted Steve to join Quickstep, especially since he was married in Dallas some 25 years ago; “It’s been an interesting life journey so far, but it seems I was always destined to end up here. I grew up in Western Australia which is remarkably like Texas, built on oil, gas, BBQ’s and scorching summers. I was wearing boots, riding horses and playing country music before country was cool and I used to get a hard time from my friends back there in Perth, now in Dallas I fit right in!

Regardless of where Steve has found himself living, there’s one philosophy he’s lived by regardless of the business or the culture he’s worked in, “There’s something that people get a sense for regardless of where you come from or what your beliefs are – your integrity. You have your word and your handshake, and you’ll be surprised the differences you can iron out if you start with that.”

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