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Steve Osborne

General Manager Business Development

Steve joined Quickstep in April 2018 as General Manager Business Development. Based in Texas, his focus is on continuing growth through relationships with defence and commercial customers while managing the Quickstep interface into the US Government. He also manages Quickstep USA Inc, our recently established US entity.

Steve has had a long and distinguished career in aviation. He was with BAE Systems for 28 years – and prior to that was an engineer with the Royal Australian Air Force.

His roles during his years with the RAAF and BAE Systems included Operational Support and Training and General Management.

Steve worked in various countries, most recently as Business Development Director for BAE Systems Air sector in South East Asia.

One of his highlights at BAE was leading in-country BD for the sale of Eurofighter Typhoon to the Sultanate of Oman.

A focus on aviation and defence

Steve was always drawn to aviation growing up and the RAAF was a logical step after leaving school. “I was an engineer in the RAAF, and during that time I was involved with fighter aircraft. It was logical to continue in defence when I left, so I moved to BAE. Now I’m with Quickstep continuing to support the warfighter, something that’s very important to myself and my family.”

Building global relations

Steve has rarely stayed still since his Air Force days – and he has an affinity for customer relations around the globe. “I’ve always been an ‘internationalist’. At BAE, I worked in various countries in the Middle East and Asia, and now I’m back in my real home in Texas.” On his international travels, Steve has one philosophy, “I found when I was working with different cultures there’s something that read across regardless of our differences – integrity. If you act with integrity, I believe you’ll gain the respect of anyone you deal with.”

Steve hasn’t lived in Australia for many years – but he has retained elements of the Australian lifestyle. “When I’m not at work, I’m in the mountains or on the water. Downtime for me means being outdoors, and I love camping, skiing or hiking with my wife.”

The Quickstep attraction

Steve acknowledges that he wouldn’t have left BAE if he hadn’t seen something special in Quickstep. “When you’re with a company that long, you don’t leave for just any reason. I saw high potential in Quickstep. I recognised a growing and very capable company. And I saw that by helping Quickstep access global markets, I could help accelerate growth.

In a smaller company you also have the chance to have more input – and help shape the company as it grows. I enjoy working at Quickstep. It’s a challenge – and it’s an exciting time to be part of it.”

Bonus skills

If Steve hadn’t joined the Air Force, Plan B would have involved fulfilling his need for speed somehow. Now, he’s content enjoying his daily drive to work in his Ford Raptor Sports-Truck!

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