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Serena Liu


I am a Production Engineer here at Quickstep. My role involves a large variety of tasks, but my main focus is supporting production. I have a passion for composites and advanced manufacturing and I love a challenge. When I’m under pressure to find a solution and working to a deadline, it definitely keeps the blood pumping.

Thinking analytically

I’m an analytical thinker and have always wanted to be an engineer. I discovered Quickstep while I was studying Mechanical Engineering at The University of Sydney, completing my Honors thesis on The Design and Fabrication of Carbon Fibre Rims. Quickstep is a natural fit for my interests.

Pushing for perfection

I enjoy being challenged and pushed outside of my comfort zone. I love to travel, trying new foods and going to the gym. At work, I get the chance to focus on a whole lot of different areas and I thoroughly enjoy the associated complexities. Occasionally we encounter new challenges, so you really need to think on your feet. I find that no two days are ever the same.

Supporting each other

The great thing about Quickstep, is that I am part of such a supportive team. I enjoy helping people, and everyone helps each other to make a project happen.

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