PJ Allata

PJ Allatta


I am the site and maintenance manager at Quickstep. I look after the buildings and equipment on site. This includes repairs and maintenance of building and equipment, through to supporting capital acquisitions. The site manager role also includes responsibility for the on-site security, cleaning and maintenance teams as well as the multitude of third-party contractors that come on site on a daily basis.

I enjoy working here because of the variety. I like the challenges and the fast pace. The same is true for me personally. I love Harley Davidson motorbikes and I ride most weekends. I also like the challenges involved in boating and being on the water.

I like to surround myself with people who are important to me. There are people here at Quickstep whom I’ve known for 25 years! That creates a particular bond. I also value being part of a team that’s growing and improving every day.

My main motivator is my children. They make me proud and it makes me smile to think about them. Our dog Daffy makes us laugh – there’s a lot of laughter in our home.

Outside of work I love to watch my kids play sports. I’m the dad cheering loudly from the sidelines.

Friends and food are big themes at our place. Friends with a BBQ and a good red. Perfection.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt at Quickstep would be how to restart a facility safely after a power outage. A good lesson, one I’ll not quickly forget!!!

I wish people knew: I’ve always wanted to race cars!

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