Peter Skamperle

Peter Skamperle


My role at Quickstep is to develop and support continuous improvement opportunities and projects.

Professionally, I’m excited by working in an ever changing environment. The people here are fantastic. I really appreciate working with people who are focused on improving the systems and workflows. It’s great that everyone is genuinely interested in new opportunities and they actually want to develop their skills and behaviours.

My favourite part of the job is having a great conversation with a colleague about the work challenges they face.

It’s a privilege that our work culture gives us the freedom to be honest with each other. I really enjoy hearing about the background of the challenges and the solutions people have come up with. Knowing that there is such a high level of engagement in our projects is very comforting.

We work in a very fast-paced industry and the challenge to adapt quickly to change is constant. I am so grateful to be working alongside people who take that on and extend support to others around them. The inclusive team attitude makes working at Quickstep rewarding.

Outside of work, I like to keep fit. Cycling and motorcycling have always been two pastimes I have enjoyed since I was a teenager and still do today.

I wish people knew: I always wanted to travel and my dream was to backpack and wander through Europe. As I got older the backpacking went out the door – but every few years I try to go overseas. I usually drive everywhere. Strangely enough, I enjoy it when things don’t turn out entirely as planned. It often means I meet some great people I wouldn’t have come across otherwise.

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