Peter Bruchmuller


I’m a design engineer working on new technology projects in our Geelong facility. I studied aerospace engineering in Germany, which doesn’t have its shortage of engineering jobs, but I fell in love with Australia on a trip here. I started a PhD on fibre matrix adhesion in Melbourne, then came across Quickstep. Working here has given me the chance to work on fantastic projects in a great industry.

Soaring high

One of my passions is rock climbing. I love the engineering aspect of it – how you need to understand forces, risk and exposure.

Working as an engineer is equally fascinating. I’ve also always been intrigued by aircraft. I wanted to be a pilot when I was young, then an aircraft maker, and I was interested in design while studying. Now I have exposure to aircraft design and manufacture, so it’s the perfect environment.

New challenges

My work at Quickstep has expanded from 3D computer modelling and structural analysis to process engineering and automation, and I’m currently working on a robotic project. Whatever the task, it’s usually about problem solving – and no two problems are the same. We’re a small team so we can bounce ideas off each other. And there’s freedom in how we tackle solutions.

Enjoying every day

I love a challenge. I love it when a customer needs something without an obvious solution. Working through complex engineering problems is really satisfying. My family is my top priority, but it’s good working here. I get to do what I love – and be part of a great team.

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