Paul Furlong

Paul Furlong


I manage the production engineering support team. We provide technical solutions for problems across the entire business, but Operations are always our number 1 customer.

I really enjoy the camaraderie within the entire Quickstep team.

The main thing working here has taught me is that manufacturing is hard work – but it is rewarding.

I am intrigued by new puzzles and I like fixing things. My job is a good fit for me!

Working with the Production Engineering team is energising – we are realising opportunities and playing a small part in Quickstep’s growth and development. It’s exciting.

At the end of the day, I like to get home and relax, knowing that I’ve made a difference. I’ll watch the footy or catch up with people for dinner or a coffee.

I wish people knew: I love my family and friends, the satisfaction of fixing stuff and a good beer.

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