Jun 23, 2016

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  • This client here [Quickstep] is an example of the future of manufacturing in Australia. Advanced manufacturing founded on innovation, founded on technology, that is where the jobs will come from in the future, more competitive, bigger global markets, addressing them with innovation and science. The collaboration between these companies and Deakin is another example of part of our economic plan for jobs and growth right across Australia.
  • Now here in Geelong, this company has been the beneficiary of a grant under the Geelong Regional Innovation and Investment Fund, the GRIIF. What we are doing and announcing today is another fund, a Geelong Jobs and Investment Package which will apply to Geelong and the Victorian Surf Coast, of $20 million dollars and Corangamite, that’s right, right across Geelong, the Victorian Surf Coast and Sarah’s electorate of Corangamite. But right across the board here, in this region, that is the focus of this fund. 
  • It will enable firms and local government, community, to apply for grants. The aim is to secure the leverage that we got under the GRIIF, where we got five times leverage, that is to say we were putting money in and it was being backed by business, by community, sometimes by local government, in order to leverage it up, to provide stronger growth and more jobs here. 


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