Sep 13, 2018

Defence Connect – ‘Lockheed F-35 US exec backs Aussie supply chain’ Wednesday, 12 September 2018

  • Australian firms supplying components for the F-35 Lightning fighter aircraft stand head and shoulder above their peers and Lockheed Martin’s job would be much easier if there were more such firms in their supply chain, a senior Lockheed official says.
  • Steve Over, Lockheed Martin director of international business development, said the limit on more Australian firms joining the F-35 program came from the lack underlying aerospace industrial capacity.
  • Over named Marand, Heat Treatment Australia, Quickstep, BAE Systems Australia, Lovitt Technologies and Levett Engineering as examples of these fine Australian firms. “The great thing for them is, they are building pieces not just for Australia’s 72 airplanes but for this program of record, which could easily grow to more than 4,000 aircraft,” he said.

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