Aug 31, 2018

Canterbury Bankstown Express – ‘How Bankstown’s Quickstep helps make F-35 jet fighters the best’ by Lawrence Machado, Wednesday, 29 August 2018
  • QUICKSTEP Holdings, the only company in the world making highly specialised carbon fibre composites for the American F-35 jet fighter program, has been flying under the radar from their impressive base near Bankstown Airport.
  • Quickstep said it has a worldwide reputation for delivering on time from its Bankstown factory — it was previously used by Boeing — while its research and development unit at Geelong provides them the cutting dedge they need in the highly-competitive aerospace industry.
  • Mr Burgess, who grew up in Manchester before working around the world, said he came into the company with a mandate to drive organisational change, recharge the business, reduce costs and improve profits.
  • “We have taken a lot of steps to reach these goals and by closing down our R & D unit in Germany and cutting back on administrative and management, we have brought down our costs,” Mr Burgess said.
  • “We are still a SME (Small or medium-sized enterprise) but are getting to a point where we could become bigger so we have to tread carefully.”
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