Natalia Juchnowich


I am leading a double life. On weekdays, I work in the aerospace industry, a super exciting fast-paced environment. I make sure everything is planned, purchased, delivered and shipped on time. I’m all about the details.

On the weekend, I’m a masseur and naturopath working holistically with the body’s systems and helping them deal with stress. Either way, I’m a systems girl and I like them to work at optimal levels.

Quickstep is a growing business with lots of opportunities, which is great, because I like to be challenged and try out new ideas.

I relish the opportunity to think creatively and find new solutions. I work with a great team, which makes me happy.

On a personal level, there are always new places to see, new people to meet and new things to try. I love to see my child succeed and I enjoy surrounding myself with creativity, be it a concert, performance, theatre or cinema piece.

I wish people knew: My secret identity as masseur and naturopath. I also study martial arts.

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