Mike Schramko

Mike Schramko


Michael (Mike) Schramko has an extensive engineering background in aviation, working with Airbus in the UK, and with Hawker De Havilland and Boeing Aerostructures in both the US and Australia. His experience spans operations, production, product development, engineering and program management.

Mike has worked across many areas of Quickstep’s management.
His diverse experience across multiple countries brings to the team a broad skill base and deep industry knowledge. His high level of capability made Mike a natural choice for Quickstep as we stepped up our operations in Australia.

Engineer to the core

“Aerospace is the only industry I’ve ever really wanted to work in. I love our products. I could look at planes every single day and find something new and intriguing. I’m interested in the creative side. It’s the thrill of starting from nothing and creating something that can be used effectively to solve a problem or achieve a goal. I’m an engineer to the core – I like using my hands. I like fixing things, using my brain and thinking a solution through.”

Rare opportunity

When the chance arose to leave a stable job with a huge multinational company to join a small business with endless potential but a great deal of risk, Mike jumped at it.

The rare opportunity to build something new, to create and leave a mark on an aerospace company in its formative years was, as an engineer, irresistible.

“The youth of this business brings many opportunities that we just wouldn’t experience elsewhere.”

Quickstep’s size makes us extremely agile as a company – we can move on projects very quickly. We are growing and expanding in different directions and there are always new things to try and new challenges to overcome.

Establishing manufacturing capability

Mike has led the establishment of Quickstep’s manufacturing capability. This has seen him relocate the entire facility from Perth (the most isolated city on Earth) to the commercial hub of Sydney. Seeing the new parts come off the machines for the first time in their new home was fantastic.

Quickstep’s manufacturing capabilities now include a unique curing process – Qure, a Lockheed approved test laboratory and specialist equipment enabling us to create, supply and export custom composite parts to manifold industries worldwide, including defence, aviation, automotive and more.

Family values

Mike places a strong emphasis on family. “Quickstep has really taught me to value others’ perspectives. It definitely makes for a stronger team and better products.

It also just makes Quickstep a great place to work. We are surrounded by passionate and like-minded people with common goals. I’m always happy to help anyone I can. We all are. It’s a very collaborative environment.”

Quickstep is a proudly ethical company. Mike’s personal faith prizes honesty and integrity, and he appreciates working with an organisation that values the same qualities.

Unlimited possibilities

Mike relishes seeing ideas come to fruition. He keeps a small piece of an aeroplane on his desk. It is a part that Quickstep had never produced before. It began with an idea. We developed a process that we didn’t know would work. But it did. Perfectly. That part is currently fulfilling its potential in planes everywhere. Mike keeps it on his desk to remind him of the huge potential in a single idea.

This story exemplifies many tenets of Quickstep’s ethos. We are innovative, collaborative and quality focused. We foster a ‘why not’ attitude and an open mind to the possibilities of the future.

And that’s what Mike brings to the table. The ability to take something from an idea through to fruition and beyond. Our little company has now increased its staff from 40 to 250, a growth of 625% in eight years.

“It delights me that I can walk around the facility now and see people I don’t know. It just shows me how far we’ve come.” Each of these jobs is meaningful employment in a growing industry for people in our community.

Innovation and evolution

Quickstep takes pride in investing in our staff and promoting from within. Mike is a vehement advocate of Quickstep’s professional development processes. He finds huge value in sharing knowledge and training people.

“There’s that ‘aha’ moment, where staff catch the vision or master a skill, enabling them to achieve new things. I love being part of that. Taking new knowledge to deliver innovative solutions and seeing the results working in the world like you thought they would in your mind – it’s incredibly rewarding.”

Mike enjoys working on new projects and turning innovative ideas into reality. “I am attracted to anything new or evolving,” explains Mike, “and here at Quickstep, there is always something going on. It’s a stimulating environment, and that’s essential for someone like me.”

Bonus skills: Mike is a deft hand at fixing motorbikes and cars. He is unwillingly skilled in suburban landscaping due to the recent adoption of a farm dog.

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