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Michael Baker


I’m with the production engineering team here at Quickstep and I manage our manufacturing and industrial engineers. I’ve been involved with aviation my whole career. I love working in composites, working in aerospace – and I love the team here at Quickstep.

An aeronautical life

I was lucky to get an aeronautical engineering cadetship with Hawker de Havilland straight out of school. I came out of that with a degree and six years’ experience, so it was a great start. I worked for Hawker de Havilland and Boeing here at Bankstown for 23 years. And now with Quickstep, I can indulge my passions for engineering, composites and aerospace.

There aren’t a lot of people working in this industry – and high-tech and high-value is the place to be.

New challenges

I keep pretty active outside work and I love learning something new. Recently it’s been ice-skating with my daughter and martial arts with my son. I taught myself bricklaying and I took up guitar, aged 40. I get a lot of satisfaction from challenges and problem-solving, and at work we’re constantly looking for creative solutions.

Creative and collaborative

I really enjoy being creative and collaborative – and I’m part of a great team that runs projects and thinks creatively to solve problems. I’m with the process engineering team, which is part of the production engineering team. We do have a lot of sections but basically we’re also one big team working towards a common goal. I really like seeing people work together, watching projects work out and seeing the business be successful.

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