Mark Burgess


Mark has over 20 years’ experience in the global aerospace and defence industry and has held leadership positions throughout Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia. Prior to joining Honeywell in 2013 as Vice President Asia Pacific, Mark began his career with BAE, working across sales, contracts project and general management.

The pinnacle of manufacturing

Mark has always wanted to work in aerospace. His dream was to be an astronaut. Around age 10, he realised that the UK didn’t have a manned space program so the dream became a career in aerospace.

Mark started his university degree with the very specific aim of working with BAE Systems upon graduating. He realised that goal with his very first job and has been working in aerospace ever since.

“I love aerospace tech and its end products. The engineering skills involved are exciting. Aerospace for me is the very pinnacle of manufacturing. It is the embodiment of making cool things!

Aerospace is a global enterprise. It’s an extremely dynamic, high tech industry. It’s very fast moving and, in my opinion, there is zero chance of boredom.”

Shifting the economy

Manufacturing is an important part of a healthy economy. In Australia, there isn’t a huge belief in domestic manufacturing and export. Mark believes it’s important to show the world, and Australia specifically, that it can be done successfully. “We are the only listed aerospace company in the country – driving our business to be at the forefront of industry in Australia is hugely motivating. To prove that ‘Yes, we can do this,’ is a great motivator.”

A new industry for Australia

Quickstep is seeking to drive a new era in the aerospace industry within Australia’s economy. Quickstep offers meaningful employment for 250 employees in a growth industry, and Mark is justifiably proud of that.

40% of recent new hires to Quickstep have come from internal promotions, a figure we are immensely proud of.

“When we are investing in Australians and increasing the growth rate of this industry, then we’re doing our job right.”

Although Mark enjoys winning new business, it is receiving the recognition from large global aerospace companies as a reliable and capable supplier that makes him incredibly proud.

“We can be good at this and be recognised for it. If we continue to concentrate on delighting our customers so they keep providing this kind of feedback, then growth will take care of itself.”

Setting the standard

Quickstep values authenticity. “We love what we do and we believe it’s important. With us, what you see is what you get,” says Mark. Energy and enthusiasm are essential. Success is not based on seniority or tenure. Every individual has been hand-picked because of their passion, commitment, willingness to learn and their risk appetite.

As Mark tells it, “Personal integrity, respect and authenticity are non-negotiables – our work culture is extremely important to us. We are pioneering; the only listed aerospace company in Australia. Ours is the responsibility to set the standard and shape Australia’s aerospace reputation for the future. It’s a privilege that we take very seriously.”

Bonus skills: Mark is a sports nut. He also has two children so is extremely good at conflict resolution.

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