Quickstep - Liam W.

Liam Wright


I’m a spray painter here at Quickstep. I prepare, sand and paint all the components. What do I like about Quickstep? I love that every day is different, and that it’s such a supportive environment.

Keeping it varied

I’ve worked as a bricklayer, a diesel mechanic, and when I first came to Quickstep, as a composite trimmer. I definitely like being hands-on. I jumped when I saw a chance to do a spray-painting apprenticeship. They make it quite interesting here – and you can get experience in plenty of different areas.

Loving new experiences

I love life. I love making people happy, and I definitely love new experiences. That might be when I’m bodyboarding or snowboarding or heading out with my two English Staffies. At work, there are different challenges to work through all the time and people to support you along the way. So, it’s really a great environment to be part of.

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