Kieren Dale

Kieren Dale


“My Quickstep journey began in mid-2016 when I started a role as a technical planner – my first job out of university. After 2 years, I was offered a leadership role, and I now lead a team of engineers who support the production floor.”

This gives Kieren the chance to indulge two of his passions: aviation and composites.

Dreaming aviation

Childhood dreams of becoming a pilot weren’t too far off the mark. “I studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Sydney and while studying I developed a fascination with composites. I always knew I wanted to do something with aircraft and I completed an internship at Qantas in the aircraft projects team. So now at Quickstep I get a chance to use my engineering skills in a field I’ve always loved.”

Journeying wide

“I love travel and adventure – and I’ve journeyed a lot in Eastern Europe: Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia, Albania. It’s such a mix of cultures, histories and cuisines. When I’m not travelling, I’m planning my next trip – or searching for new foods. And it’s the variety at Quickstep that also appeals.”

Aiming high

“We have a good team here at Quickstep. Things don’t always go exactly to plan but we get on well and it’s enjoyable. And those challenges that arise are exciting. It gives you the chance to develop and learn as an engineer. I think it’s important to strive to do your best and be your best.”

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