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Kathryn Portelli


I’m one of Quickstep’s newest employees, having started in March 2019 as a production engineer. I have a varied background in industrial design and engineering. Working at Quickstep gives me the chance to use a whole range of my skills, and there’s always something new to learn, which makes it interesting.

Creative leaning

I have a background in industrial design. I’ve worked for design and architecture studios and as a product design engineer.

I’ve worked at every stage of product development from concept through rendering, remodelling, editing and drafting, to completion. At Quickstep I work on scheduling and nesting for the ply cutting machine and create and edit 3D CAD models. I also edit processes and procedures and create repair and rework guidelines. I like the combination of creative, analytical and technical challenges.

Thinking forward

I enjoy experiencing new things – whether I’m running, snowboarding, at the gym or visiting an art exhibition. I value integrity, strength and agility. And I love the feeling of accomplishment that comes with reaching a goal. I really like that every day is different here – and there are plenty of challenges.

Common goals

The diversity here at Quickstep is great, but so is the feeling that everyone is working towards a common goal. I like positive outcomes and forward thinking – and I definitely get that here at Quickstep.

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