Josh Scanlon


Josh has recently joined Quickstep as of January 2022, he leads the Aerostructures business unit that makes up a large percentage of Quickstep’s current revenue and brings a record of operational excellence and strategic business development to the team.

A seasoned professional

Josh really has walked the walk, with over 20 years of experience in the Aerospace sector, starting his career as a tradesman with Hawker de Havilland in Sydney through to leading large teams as General Manager at Boeings 787 Final Assembly line in Charleston South Carolina.

He has worked both domestically and internationally, in both commercial and defence focused business units and his leadership has been instrumental in growing, improving and redefining the value that Australian business units can provide on the global stage.

Josh has extensive experience leading large multi-functional teams spanning the full program lifecycle, having been involved in large start-up programs, program and infrastructure growth through sustainment and ultimately closure.

He has a strong understanding and proven leadership in risk management, operational excellence and business transformation, he has a passionate interest in continuing to grow Australia’s capability and recognition globally.

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