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Jacque Courtney-Pitman


Jacque leads the people, culture and safety functions and has over 20 years’ professional experience across diverse industries for global and ASX listed organisations. She holds a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Business and Diploma of WH&S.

Jacque is passionate about driving organisational effectiveness through people and culture solutions and is enthused about achieving a strong, performance driven and inclusive culture at Quickstep that is underpinned by the company’s values. Quintessential to our strategy is developing ‘relevant and current’ people initiatives to drive our company to become an Employer of Choice.

The key is the balance of keeping one eye on the day-to-day challenges whilst planning and preparing the company for the future.

“Quickstep is positioned to be a globally relevant composite solutions provider. It’s exciting to be a part of the company and our people are definitely integral to our growth. Developing and challenging our talented people, creating strong leaders and better technicians, brings me the greatest satisfaction. I am extremely confident that we have the right people around the table. We are invested in increasing our diversity, giving us a variety of thoughts, industries and experience to achieve great outcomes.”

Integrity and excellence

Integrity cannot be compromised. This holds true for Jacque personally as well as for Quickstep as a whole. “It comes down to doing what we say we’re going to do – with excellence.”

The defining characteristic of Quickstep is care.

“We really do care for our people. We are very focused on staff initiatives and support. We believe it’s important for people to feel a sense of belonging, and it’s our responsibility to provide that. We extend that philosophy from our staff to all of our stakeholders. We invite people to ask questions and bring their ideas forward. It’s important to hear everyone’s opinions and to know what’s important to them.”

Employer of Choice

You can’t have a business like ours without having the top talent. We need to be an Employer of Choice to attract and retain the people who make a difference in this industry. We look for candidates who connect with us and our values.”

Jacque believes whole heartedly that Quickstep is a great place to work. We provide opportunities for employees to step up and take opportunities to develop their capabilities, create meaningful careers and be recognised and rewarded for their outstanding contributions.

We have introduced an ‘Employee Share’ program, so individuals are owners in the company, they understand what they do makes a difference to the results. Our culture is inclusive and supportive and this is reinforced through our family and lifestyle policies and practices. We will continue to focus on what matters to our people and ensure we are refreshing our offers to attract and retain the best.

HR – an invaluable service

HR provides an invaluable business partnership. The HR team advocates for our business and our people; its members are consummate professionals and pride themselves on making a difference to their internal customers and ensuring our company is compliant.

Without the right people, we can’t mobilise. Our talented individuals and teams design and deliver customer solutions, engineer processes and manufacture our products focusing on safety, quality and efficiency. I’m a people person. I have high expectations of what people can accomplish when they are given the support and development they need. My challenge: Keeping the momentum of the day and ensuring I’m contributing to the vision and strategy of the future and providing a rewarding environment for my team.

What next?

“We are positioning our course for tomorrow to ensure we are an Employer of Choice. We are building processes, creating opportunities and setting the culture for where we want to be. We are the company that takes on the challenges and pushes boundaries to achieve the best solutions. We fuel creativity and keep abreast of what the business and the people need, and we excel at bringing those together.”

Bonus skills: Jacque is an avid traveller, be it skiing, beaching, exploring historical sites or shopping. To make the most of weekends she has some reflective time, books a good restaurant and walks her furry friend (toy poodle).

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