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Quickstep continues to invest in all aspects of business development – to deliver on our promise of innovation excellence and improved profitability.

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Quickstep began as a family business in Perth in 2001 – and was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2005 (ASX Code QHL).

Quickstep is an Australian-based publicly listed company at the forefront of advanced composite manufacturing solutions for the global aerospace, defence, automotive and other advanced sectors.

Quickstep Board and committees

Board and committees

The directors of Quickstep are committed to ensuring that the company maintains an effective system of corporate governance which is an integral part of the company’s culture, values, principles and standards and business practices.

The board plays a fundamentally important role in developing, refining and executing our corporate strategy.

Quickstep’s Remuneration Nomination and Diversity Committee (RND Committee) is made up from Quickstep’s board of directors. The board also runs the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC).

Corporate governance

Our policies and codes of conduct demonstrate a firm commitment to diversity, gender equality and excellence in all work practices.

We want to ensure that our stakeholders are confident in our timely and balanced disclosure of all relevant company information.

Financial reports

We have built a robust company framework with sound financial capability. Our financial reports here reflect our solid performance and commitment to sustained growth.

Annual Report 2018 - Promises Delivered

Annual reports

Our annual reports reflect our journey as we enter a new phase of sustained growth – servicing and partnering with leading names in the international aviation and aerospace industries.


Quickstep is focused on strategic and sustained growth.

Our investor reports outline our position, performance and outlook.

Analysts' reports

Analysts’ reports indicate positive sales (parts and revenue) and operational, investing and financing cash flows.

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