Gary Robinson - Executive General Manager

Gary Robinson


Starting his career as an aerospace engineer, Gary has since worked extensively in multiple industries including medical devices, automotive and defence. He has comprehensive experience across Operations, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs, Supply Chain, Product Development and M&A.

Engineering is an incredibly creative field

“Engineering is an incredibly creative field. You’re creating something from nothing, often something that hasn’t previously even been dreamt of. And once an engineer, always an engineer. I still love seeing a new manufacturing line started, making fantastic products.

Seeing a product go into production, seeing it working for our customers; it’s a great feeling.”

Gary is passionate about helping Australian businesses establish a global reach. He excels at taking small to medium sized businesses and helping to build them into larger, efficient companies able to compete on the world stage. He champions manufacturing in, and exporting from, Australia, growing our country’s reputation and economy.

Australian company competing on the world stage

Quickstep is a great business in that there are fantastic opportunities to be had. Gary wants to see more Australians and Australian companies compete on an international level.

“There’s a perception that domestic manufacturing and exporting are not Australia’s strengths, that we’re a bit of a backwater, but it’s simply not true. There are a number of industries taking on domestic manufacturing and Quickstep is taking the lead on that.

Australians can do great things on the world stage; we are an increasingly competitive contender in high tech industries.

Quickstep’s success proves that you can base your operation in Australia, provide jobs and give rise to a whole new industry in our country. Not only is it possibly, it can be profitable. It’s exciting to be leading the charge and helping transform our economy.”

People at the centre of everything

Gary is vehement that Quickstep’s success is largely down to the people we employ. Mentoring and career coaching are important tenets of our company culture.

“One of my favourite parts of the job is helping young people to find their feet in this industry. Our staff often have untapped strengths and I love helping them to fulfil their potential. A diversity of opinions across all characteristics and background is a key enabler of delivering solid business and product outcomes and Quickstep is starting to benefit from this.”

A job worth doing is worth doing well

“Operations is about seeing things done right. Precision and perfection are critical to the integrity of our products. We are always open to staff input in how we could improve our processes. We value staff who want to add value to the business, to help grow our Quickstep family and see Quickstep reach new heights.”

Bonus skills: Gary is a keen sailor and he also plays guitar. His original career plan was to play in a rock band, but he no longer has the hair for it. People development is where he gets his greatest satisfaction.

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