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Fjodor Filipovic


I am a program manager here at Quickstep and I manage the manufacturing operations for all programs – including Lockheed, Northrop, Marand and Boeing customers. My daily tasks include tracking programs in regards to schedule, budget and phase review objectives; developing and implementing recovery plans for off-schedule and unanticipated eventualities; and I coordinate with customers to provide necessary program status and obtain customer feedback.

Furthermore, I am charged with managing the safety, quality, staffing, planning, profitability, process improvement, financial planning and performance of all programs.

Aiming high

I graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer and initially worked for Boeing for more than 15 years as a design engineer, manufacturing engineer, project manager and production support engineering manager. Back in 2014 I started working for Quickstep, when manufacturing of (Northrop and Marand) F35 parts was still a low rate program and at the starting phase.

Today, JSF F35 platform is at full production rate, thanks to the huge efforts of the Quickstep team which has been recognised by our customers many times.

My position has changed over the years and Quickstep has given me the opportunity to take on new roles and challenges.

Agility and teamwork

My family is the most important aspect of my life and is definitely a motivator to keep working hard. Besides work, I spend time on the courts as a basketball coach, working with kids and guiding them through competitions. As a coach, I think agility and teamwork are important – both on the court and at work.

I’ve worked with some of my co-workers here for a long time. There’s trust, respect and we can rely on each other. I’m proud of the company and of our products – and teamwork is a big part of that as the ability to simultaneously perform well individually and together with my colleagues and employees effectively is vital to attaining growth and success.

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