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David Pennington


As a cost estimator and production engineer, I have the opportunity to work with many different groups across the business. In the cost estimating role, I evaluate engineering drawings and specifications from customers, working out the costs associated with bringing new work to Quickstep. In the production engineering role, I get to be a bit more hands on with the parts and gain experience with the day to day engineering involved in making parts. And at the junction of these two roles, when we win new work, I assist with the planning and setup required to start manufacturing the parts that I previously estimated.

A crossroads

I have been interested in the aerospace industry since dreaming of being an air force pilot as a little kid. Following this interest, I studied Mechanical Engineering at university in San Diego with the intent of getting a job with one of the numerous aerospace firms in the area. This plan changed when I met my partner while on a semester exchange in Sydney, towards the end of my degree. As soon as I graduated, I left the US for Australia where I am still able to fulfil my goal of a long career in aerospace with Quickstep.

Heading out 

The aerospace industry has been a career path I have been interested in from a young age, but passion for engineering still takes second place to my passion for the outdoors. I am an avid hiker and rock climber and spend my weekends exploring the many national parks around Sydney to get away from the noise and congestion of the city.

Working well

Living in San Diego, I had many opportunities to witness the types of aircraft that Quickstep manufactures parts for. When seeing, hearing and feeling the power and precision of these planes as they fly by, it is hard not to be inspired. I really value hard work and being able to focus on realising long-term projects and goals, and knowing the power and precision these aircraft are capable of is incredibly motivating.

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