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David Doral


As Executive General Manager of Engineering & Technology at Quickstep, David works across two distinct but overlapping areas of the business. He helps shape company direction by researching and assessing technology that the company might invest in and work with on future projects. And he manages all Quickstep engineering resources, including our extensive engineering team.

Extensive experience in aerospace

David has been actively involved in the aerospace industry since the mid-1990s when he graduated from Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, with a Bachelor of Engineering and Masters of Engineering, specifically, in aerospace engineering.

He started his career with Aernnova’s composites division in Spain and spent several years working as a senior aerostructures engineer between Boeing (Seattle and Sydney) and Airbus (Madrid and Ankara). During this time, he participated in the development of the most relevant aircraft programs launched at the time, including the Airbus A380, Boeing 777-300ER, Airbus A400M and Embraer E170.

Following new directions

Following his MBA program graduation at INSEAD he migrated with his wife to Australia. After several years managing R&D programs to automate industrial processes, David returned to Europe and to the aerospace industry.

At AERTEC Solutions, an AIRBUS Tier 1 supplier, he contributed to the expansion and internationalisation of the company as their senior manager in the manufacturing engineering division. David then joined MTorres in Spain as a plant manager, where he also led development of composites automation technology for aircraft assembly lines, robotic cells and cutting-edge composite manufacturing systems. He has also been working on aviation electrification lately, a potentially revolutionary development for the industry.

A bright future for Quickstep

“I’m an aerospace engineer by trade so I’ve always had a passion for aerospace and technology. One thing I love about this job is that I’m participating not just in the future of Quickstep, but the industry as a whole. It’s exciting to think where the world will be in 20 years’ time.

The aerospace industry is heading in amazing directions – I’m thinking of Uber’s announcement of flying taxis in Melbourne as one example. And here at Quickstep, we have the chance to really make a positive difference. We’re in a great position to play a significant role in the future of aviation in Australia.”

Bonus skills

David dreamed of becoming an astronaut or pilot when he was a kid. Instead he joined the Air Force for a short while and graduated as an officer. His feet may be on the ground now but they rarely stay still. When he’s not enjoying family time with his wife and children, he enjoys running, kitesurfing, skiing and the occasional soccer game with his two boys.

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