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Chelo Rapues


I’m a production scheduler here at Quickstep. I’m involved in production planning and I prepare schedules for the JSF autoclave oven. I recently returned from maternity leave and it’s fantastic that the company has been so supportive.

A balanced life

I’m a detail person – at work and away from it. At home I relax by doing cross-stitch and I think it’s the focus that I love. I also believe in balance. I grew up in a beautiful part of the Philippines, and my family had a metal production shop.

I was always fascinated by machinery, but I also loved that we were surrounded by beautiful mountains and nature. Quickstep supported me in returning to work part-time after having my baby and they’ve been really flexible – so I now have the perfect balance of work and family.

Part of something special

I’ve studied industrial engineering, and I’m certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM). In the Philippines, I worked with Moog Inc (Baguio), and I’ve always been interested in aerospace. The technology is so different from regular manufacturing and it’s so great to get to know advanced technology and techniques.

It’s always great too when you hear news about the F35 program and know that you’ve been part of it. It’s exciting, and I’m looking forward to the future here at Quickstep.

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