Carl de Koning - General Manager Corporate Affairs

Carl de Koning


Carl de Koning is General Manager of Corporate Affairs. Originally a primary school teacher, Carl put himself through night school and emerged with a second degree, this time in HR and industrial law.

Carl worked internationally in corporate planning for the automotive industry. He managed multiple joint ventures in China, Thailand and India, before coming home to Australia to work part time and play golf.

He lasted a week.

Unable to resist a challenge, Carl accepted an offer from Quickstep and hasn’t looked back.

Creating pathways for the next generation

Carl manages corporate strategy and stakeholder relations. He is passionate about creating pathways into this unique industry for the next generation, working to create strategic partnerships with Australian universities, TAFEs and government.

“Mentoring is something I feel very strongly about. I’ve had some brilliant mentors in my career. It is critical for the success of this industry that we invest in our staff and pass the knowledge on to the leaders of tomorrow.”

Australian businesses have a unique way of thinking

“I am proud to be working with an Australian business. As a nation, we are uniquely innovative.” Like many successful Australian businesses, Quickstep has their David and Goliath story. It’s because they operate differently that they have been able to pierce the global market and successfully take on the big players of the world.

“Australians have a unique way of thinking,” explains Carl. “Australia is a multicultural country and that works to our advantage – we get to meld the best ideas of many nations.

We’ve learned to be very good at practical capability. Australian businesses tend to have a broad focus and a ‘have a go’ attitude. We tend to try things that others wouldn’t. We think out of the box – we’ve had to – we don’t have the resources, the people or the market that other countries do, so we adapt.”

Our intellectual property is in our people

“Quickstep is not a huge multinational – we rely on individual people to get things done. Our intellectual property is in our people. Quickstep is a people focused business. I honestly think that if you don’t value your people, you won’t last in business. Even with the best products and processes in the world, if you don’t get your team right, you’re doomed. We do have the right team.

We invest in our staff, we promote from within, and we are intent on passing the baton of this emerging Australian industry to the next generation.”

Quickstep is a proudly ethical company. Honesty and integrity are non-negotiables for working here. “Our work culture is hugely important – we want to attract and retain the best talent. We want our people to enjoy coming to work and to bring their best ideas each day.”

Family is important to Carl. “Quickstep is large, but we operate like a family. We are always looking at how we can improve our work-life balance. We are always looking at how we can create better diversity, and through that, a stronger business.”

The opportunities are limited only by our imaginations

“Working in this industry is fantastic. I really enjoy looking towards the future. I have a passion for transportation and am fascinated by the potential applications of our technology.

The world’s cities are expanding at such a rapid rate. I can foresee significant merging of automotive and aerospace industries in the future and that excites me.

There are no limits to the opportunities in this industry, bar our imaginations. I am excited about positioning Quickstep to be the solutions provider for these spaces as they develop.”

Bonus skills: Carl loves glam rock and can recite the discography of David Bowie by heart. He loves animals and is angling for a volunteer job at the zoo for the very, very distant future when he is old and grey.

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