Board and Committees

The Board and Charter

The Board and charter

The directors of Quickstep are committed to ensuring that the company maintains an effective system of corporate governance which is an integral part of the company’s culture, values, principles, standards and business practices.

Remuneration Nomination and Diversity Committee (RND Committee) and charter

The RND Committee is a sub-committee of Quickstep’s board of directors, which has been established to assist the board with its responsibilities in relation to; recruitment and remuneration strategies and policies in relation to directors, the Managing Director and senior executives; and performance evaluation and succession planning, in relation to the board, its committees and individual directors (including the Managing Director).

Audit Risk Committee (ARC) and charter

The ARC is a sub-committee of Quickstep’s board of directors, which has been established by the board with its responsibilities in the areas of statutory reporting, internal control systems, risk management systems, insurance and legal proceedings and the internal and external audit functions.

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