Biswa Kamila


I’m responsible for all things commercial at Quickstep. That includes strategy, contracts, pricing and business cases, amongst other things.

I am primarily fuelled by coffee. Once that is happily flowing through my veins, it is learning new things that excites me. At Quickstep, there is always something new to learn. It’s amazing to see the manufacturing for F-35 – so insanely cool!

I choose to work at Quickstep because it’s an exciting industry to be part of. We get to see the promise of tomorrow before anyone else.

And because what we do is cutting edge, there’s no playbook, so we get to face our challenges head on and work them through ourselves.

Achieving goals is a big motivator for me. It is the same for most of us here. Give us the challenge to achieve something that’s not been done before, mix that with a lot of strong, good quality coffee and there really is no limit to what we can accomplish!

When I’m not working on changing the world, I enjoy spending time with the people I love. My priorities are family, friends, food and golf – in that order.

I wish people knew: I used to be a computer engineer before I became a finance/commercial person. Looking forward – I intend to complete my private pilot’s licence.

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