Since 2001, Quickstep has grown from a small family business to a leading Australian entity with an annual turnover of $59.0 million (FY2018). We have built a global client base through innovation, strategic partnerships and manufacturing excellence.

Our annual reports reflect our journey as we enter a new phase of sustained growth – servicing and partnering with leading names in the international aviation and aerospace industries.

Quickstep Annual Report 2018

2018 Annual Report

Our financial results for FY2018 reflect the success of the OneQuickstep change program, combined with JSF program volume growth, which has resulted in sales revenue increasing 14% from $51.9 million in FY2017 to $59.0 million in FY2018.

OneQuickstep continues to realign our company for growth and profitability, evidenced through $0.9 million EBIT and positive net profit after tax in the second half of FY2018.

Costs were reduced by $3.5 million in FY2018 through initiatives including closure of our German operations, consolidation of our R&D operations at Geelong and ceasing non-core programs. Lean enterprise programs have commenced at both our Bankstown and Geelong sites, increasing efficiency and productivity, and our second half gross margin was 5% higher than the first half.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2017

2017 Annual Report

Quickstep announced that it was realigning the business to drive profitability and growth under the OneQuickstep banner.

The introduction of the OneQuickstep change program followed a comprehensive strategy and operational review by Mark Burgess, the new CEO/Managing Director, the executive management team and the Quickstep Board.

The review identified a number of important changes that are being implemented in FY18, with the objective of accelerating profitability and growth over the short, medium and longer term.

OneQuickstep is a values system and cultural change program that provides Quickstep with a vision and corporate values that will drive the behaviours of all employees and deliver improved financial performance for the business.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2016

2016 Annual Report

FY16 was a year of significant capital expansion for Quickstep, as we prepared the business for higher volume manufacturing of advanced carbon fibre components and assemblies in the future.

We have invested heavily in additional process capability at our Bankstown facilities to accommodate higher levels of expected production for the JSF program over the coming years and we have established a new facility in Waurn Ponds to support development programs for our growing new technology activities.

Quickstep’s vision is to become a world leader in advanced composites manufacturing, and we are now achieving significant progress in technology development. To achieve this vision, we need to have a highly capable management and R&D team, we need the necessary assets on the ground to manufacture parts and we need to undertake several development and demonstrator projects to fully commercialise and validate our new technology.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2015

2015 Annual Report

FY2015 was a year of significant expansion for Quickstep, as we accelerated our transition from being purely a research and development business into an advanced manufacturer of carbon fibre components and assemblies.

We secured additional purchase orders from our key aerospace customers in Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems, which has led to an expansion of our manufacturing facilities and capabilities at our Bankstown operations.

We further extended the scope of our composite solutions capabilities with the establishment of a dedicated Automotive Division in the Geelong region of Victoria. We also demonstrated the commercial potential of our patented Qure (composite curing) technology, with the successful execution of our first external sale of the Qure process equipment to ORPE Technologiya.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2014

2014 Annual Report

In FY2014 Quickstep completed its transformation from a research and development company into being a fully-fledged manufacturer of carbon fibre components. Our business includes manufacturing contracts for aerospace and defence, and we are moving toward licencing our innovative Quickstep Process to the aerospace and automotive sectors.

Quickstep is an innovator of advanced composites technology capitalising on the carbon fibre market revolution that is driving change, particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries. We are the largest independent carbon fibre composites manufacturer in Australia, and the only company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange with direct exposure to the multi-billion dollar global advanced carbon fibre composites market.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2013

2013 Annual Report

FY2013 was a year of outstanding achievement for Quickstep, as we consolidated the progress of the previous year and achieved new and significant successes. We moved our operations from Perth to Sydney, achieved the necessary qualifications and secured purchase orders related to prestigious aerospace and defence contracts. Furthermore, we demonstrated the commercial potential of our patented technology.

Quickstep is a company which looks to the future, and we are today the only ASX listed company with direct exposure to the multi-billion dollar global advanced carbon fibre composites market. Transport and other industries are changing as the increasing cost of fuel and taxes on carbon dioxide emissions drive a shift towards the use of strong, lightweight composites.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2012

2012 Annual Report

I am pleased to report that our company made tremendous progress in the 2012 financial year.

We secured new contracts with leading global companies, opened a state of the art manufacturing facility at Bankstown in Sydney, were appointed to lead a joint development program using our technology funded by the German government and successfully raised finance in difficult markets to maintain our momentum.

Quickstep is a manufacturer and supplier of advanced carbon fibre composite components and manufacturing technologies to the aerospace and automotive industries.

It is the only ASX listed company with direct exposure to the multi-billion dollar global advanced carbon fibre composites market.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2011

2011 Annual Report

Even in these days of globalisation, building a business with a truly worldwide footprint does not happen overnight. To become a globally recognised company takes vision, sustained hard work and a strong belief in the products and services being delivered.

Quickstep has continued to grow over the past year and has steadfastly maintained its focus on aerospace and defence manufacturing including the F-35 contract and the commercialisation of its patented Quickstep Technologies for automotive and aerospace use.

Our focus is on the aerospace and automotive industries, as they are truly global sectors where many billions of dollars are being invested to improve fuel economy by reducing overall weight.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2010

2010 Annual Report

2010 has been a pivotal year for Quickstep, with the company making significant progress towards achieving its goal of targeting contracts within the international aerospace and defence industries.

Of greatest significance was the signing of two landmark Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with global aerospace corporations, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems.

These MoUs represent a genuine quantum leap for Quickstep.

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Quickstep Annual Report 2009

2009 Annual Report

The 2009 financial year was an important period for Quickstep during which our business model was refined and the foundations laid for the company to make the transition from a Research & Development organisation to a fully-fledged manufacturing business.

As this strategy was deployed, it increasingly fed into our growing development and manufacturing capability in Western Australia – where we embarked upon a $10 million production plan based on the construction of a world-class, aerospace-grade manufacturing hub at North Coogee with capabilities in both conventional autoclave based and out-of-autoclave production technologies. This facility is now open for business.

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