Quickstep - Andrea Gottardello

Andrea Gottardello


I’m an industrial engineer and I support operations to overcome production challenges – as well as investigating and finding ways to improve processes. I’m always looking for innovative ways to make us more efficient.

Global interests

I lived, studied and worked in Italy for a long time before moving to Australia. My family is my major motivator to work hard and achieve my life goals. Before Quickstep I spent 10 years working in Manufacturing as a Production Engineer and I was looking for a new challenge so I jumped when the opportunity to work here came up.

Aerospace is such a niche industry, I never thought I’d find a company like Quickstep in Australia.

In good company

I am very social and I like simple things like spending time with family and friends – good food and good company! I love the people at work, too. We joke around and interact really well. I work with seasoned professionals as well as young, very energetic engineers. I think family, hard work and solidarity are so important.

I love being able to work in advanced manufacturing, and it’s amazing to see what our work contributes to. We work well together here – and I couldn’t be happier.

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