Allan Tilley - Chief Financial Officer

Alan Tilley


Alan Tilley is a seasoned senior executive and finance professional with over 30 years’ experience throughout Europe, UK, USA and Australia. Alan’s experience covers a broad range of sectors including travel and tourism, FMCG and industrial services. His exposure to diverse industries and cultures gives him a unique perspective and a broad view of the market. He is passionate about driving improved business performance.

Unique role

Alan believes the CFO role at Quickstep is unique. It provides a holistic view of company performance and the drivers of the business.

He has the opportunity to see and touch every area of the company and interact with everyone. It provides exposure to the board, meaning Alan can take what he sees on the floor and influence change where it’s needed.

Driving change

Alan is focused on driving change and improving business performance.

“The heart of any change lies with people. People are at the centre of everything we do at Quickstep. My job is to encourage teams to engage more deeply with the business drivers and processes and to lift the capability of the people in the teams that I lead.”

Alan also enjoys an external role speaking with key stakeholders, explaining Quickstep’s potential and creating ways to engender support.“It’s a really interesting part of the role. I regularly speak to investors, governments and financiers.”

Achieving goals

Quickstep is very process driven so achieving set goals is important to our culture. “We like to push ourselves further to see what can be accomplished. Achieving our goals is very motivating. Agreeing on our aspirations, determining how to get there and achieving those goals is a fantastic feeling. It’s a tangible way to measure our success.”

It all comes down to people and culture

“It’s superb to be working in a business and an industry that are both growing so quickly. We are able to generate very successful outcomes, which I love. I enjoy working with teams of people with shared passions and objectives.” 

The culture at Quickstep is very focused on quality and collaboration.

It’s always interesting to hear others’ perspective. There’s always something to learn. Everything comes down to the way you treat people. When you’ve worked with good leaders in the past, obviously you want to be able to pass that on. We work with people, not machines. I find that when you empower people to do what they’re good at, they enjoy what they’re doing and deliver great results.”

Bonus skills: As well as being a qualified Chartered Accountant and a graduate of the AICD, Alan knows all the best places in Sydney to source the best fine foods cultivating a passion for good food during his time living in Europe.

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