Why Quickstep?

1.  Exposure to the fast growing composite industry

Demand for carbon fibre composites has grown significantly over the past five years and is forecast to accelerate further through to 2022, at an annual growth rate of between 10-13%.

Forecasts indicate that global carbon fibre composites demand is expected to increase from 100,000 tonnes in 2016 to 191,00 tonnes in 2020.* Carbon fibre is the ‘material’ of choice’ in the aerospace/defence sector, representing 30% of today’s composites demand. Automotive is the next largest user of composites at 25.5% of total global demand.

Aerospace and defence occupies the highest value per kilogram of carbon fibre utilised and presents significant growth opportunities for Quickstep going forward.

Value per Kilogram Carbon Fibre Utilised

Areospace & Defence     US$310/kg Wind Turbines                US$97/kg
Automotive                       US$86/kg Sports & Leisure             US$94/kg

* Data Source: AVK - Industrievereinigung Verstärkte Kunststoffe, Composites Market Report 2016

2.  Defence Contracts are large scale and long term, with significant barriers to entry

Quickstep has considerable high-end defence and aerospace grade manufacturing capability, with ‘state of the art’ facilities to support both Australian and international programs. The Company has AS 9100 Rev C qualification and NADCAP (for composite processing, non-destructive testing and paint application) accreditation - one of only a handful of companies within Australia to meet such standards.

Quickstep has long-term contracts already in place for the manufacture and supply of a range of composite components for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program, a global defence program which has timelines beyond 2040 and for the supply of composite wing flaps for the C-130J/LM-100J freighter aircraft, where the Company is supplying wing flaps to all C-130J aircraft globally.

The Australian Government’s Defence White Paper 2016, has identified $195 billion of defence expenditure over next decade, with a strong focus on the development of sovereign capability and the creation of export opportunities for Australian companies. This will present multiple opportunities for Quickstep and further access to global supply chains.

3. We are the largest independent aerospace composites manufacturer in Australia

Quickstep is the largest independent aerospace-grade advanced composite manufacturer in Australia. Quickstep has developed significant capabilities and expertise in the production of automotive and aerospace grade, advanced composite components, using both conventional autoclave-based manufacturing and leading out-of-autoclave production technologies (developed in-house and patented).

As an independent manufacturer, Quickstep has the capacity to actively target contracts from aerospace and defence corporations around the world.

4. We are already partnering with a number of major aerospace and defence companies

Quickstep is partnering with some of the world’s largest aerospace and defence organisations including: Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, as well as Victorian-based Marand Precision Engineering.

Quickstep is currently in discussions with new and existing customers for additional growth opportunities. Quickstep is also engaged in a number of development projects. These projects are co‐funded by Quickstep and its collaboration partners, and are expected to lead to further volume production contracts.

5. Composite manufacturing solutions that offers rate improvement and cost savings in aerospace, defence, automotive & advanced sectors

The global aerospace and automotive industries have turned its attention to increasing fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and improving travel range, which leads to the need to reduce weight. Carbon fibre composites are seen as one of the major means to achieve these objectives.

Quickstep is looking closely at customer cost reduction opportunities in the aerospace and automotive markets, using its ‘Qure’ and ‘QPS’ process technologies to address volume production constraints that exist with current composite manufacturing technologies.

Qure is a proprietary and patented process developed and commercialised by Quickstep for the fast curing of composites. It has significant advantages over traditional Autoclave curing including:

  • Reduced production time
  • Greater design flexibility
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower tooling costs
  • Greater control over cure cycle
  • Quality surface finish
  • Ability to meet higher volume needs than Autoclave

QPS (Quickstep Production System) is an advanced lean production system, which provides a complete material to finished part solution. QPS can be used to the manufacture composite parts and assemblies for multiple market and part applications.

6. Aggressively targeting new growth opportunities

Quickstep is aggressively targeting grow opportunities in High Value Markets including:


  • Commercial and Defence markets
  • Primary and secondary structures using Autoclave or Qure
  • Control surfaces and closure systems
  • Current and new customers

Other Advanced Sectors

  • Automotive: Luxury, Electric and Autonomous Vehicles
  • Complex engineered components
  • Solutions for customer rate constraints