Research & Development

Quickstep has played a pioneering role in the development and manufacture of complex composite parts and more efficient processes for advanced composites manufacturing.


We have dedicated team and fully-equipped facilities in Australia and Germany that are available to work alongside customers to develop and implement manufacturing solutions for the manufacturing of composite parts and assemblies. R&D capabilities include:

•    Design engineering – Catia and simulation tools

•    Materials Development & Testing

•    Process Engineering and Automation

•    Tooling design

•    Program management

•    Access to Deakin University laboratories


You can read more about our current R&D and development projects below, or Contact Us today to discuss your specific project.

Current R&D projects include:



Development Partners

Quickstep Production System (QPS)

Advanced lean production system, which provides a  complete material to finished part solution

  • In-house
  • Various


Improvements to Qure process including adaption of isothermal application and cycle time reduction

  • In-house
  • Various

Resin Spray Transfer (RST)

Automated process to deposit resin precisely onto complex part preforms via robot (patented)


  • In-house

Front Fender

Demonstration project addressing customer rate constraints and part complexity

European OEM