Quickstep Curing Process

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Quickstep has developed a range of advanced manufacturing technologies and finished part production solutions for both autoclave and out-of-autoclave production of advanced composite materials.Qure Process 1

The patented system “Qure” offers significant advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques such as autoclave, including:

  • Low capital cost for set-up
  • Significantly shorter cure cycle times
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Design flexibility to meet or improve material properties of the end product
  • Ability to produce complex integrated parts

The Qure Process is highly adaptable and can be utilised on niche to medium volume manufacturing for a range of complex components for customers in the aerospace, defence, automotive and other advanced industry sectors.

The Qure Process continues to attract interest from global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Quickstep is currently working with a number of current and potential customers on demonstration and production projects, using the Qure process.

If you're seeking a composite solution for a parts rate constraint you have or are seeking a cost competitive supply solution, then find out more about:

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