Research & Development

Quickstep has played a pioneering role in the development of new composite structures and new, more efficient processes for advanced composites manufacturing.

We have dedicated teams and fully-equipped facilities in Australia and Germany that are available to work alongside manufacturing companies to develop and implement solutions for their specific composites manufacturing needs. 

To better understand the capabilities of these development facilities, please download the Capability Statement for your region of interest: 

You can read more about our current R&D projects below, or Contact Us today to discuss your specific project.

Current R&D projects include:



Development Partners

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Resin Spray Transfer The development of new automotive manufacturing technology to cheaply and efficiently mass produce composite parts with a “Class A” automotive finish.
  • AusIndustry
  • Deakin University
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Nanotechnology A European research project to investigate the use of nanotechnology to improve the material properties of advanced composites used in global transportation industries. The project is being undertaken by Quickstep’s German subsidiary, Quickstep GmbH.  The project is being funded by the European Commission under its Seventh Framework Programme.

An alliance of 16 organisations, including:

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Binder Activation A new processing technique for making pre-forms for aerospace-grade composite materials.   Read latest announcement
Use of Quickstep Process for Joint Strike Fighter manufacturing

Phase II research and development program funded by the US Department of Defense aimed at assessing the use of Quickstep’s patented out-of-autoclave curing technology to manufacture composite materials used in the international F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter program.

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Industrialisation of Quickstep Process for JSF

More recently a grant was awarded to Quickstep by the Australian government to introduce the Quickstep Process into the manufacture of spars for the Joint Strike Fighter

Integrated Structures

Quickstep GmBh received a grant from the Germany government to make a double curvature prototype with integrated stiffeners using the Quickstep Process, resin infusion and high temperature resins.