Support & Training

Quickstep offers extensive support to users of our equipment and processes in several ways:


Once your Quickstep production machine arrives at your facility, we’ll dispatch one of our engineers to assist with the installation and provide training for your engineers and technicians.

Quickstep's manufacturing equipment is straightforward and easy to use, so for most customers this in-house training program is sufficient to ensure all staff are appropriately trained. However, if desired, you can also send your personnel to our facilities in Australia, USA or Europe to be trained prior to the delivery of your Quickstep machine.

Ongoing Customer Support

As a Quickstep licensee, you’re entitled to regular support from the Quickstep Team, including:

  • Tooling and part design recommendations
  • Material recommendations
  • Processing suggestions
  • Debugging of machine issues
  • Software upgrades
  • Access to our ongoing enhancements to the Quickstep Process