Quickstep Production Solution

When you’re ready to take advantage of all that Quickstep offers and build production parts, we can supply you with a full-scale production machine, capable of multiple tool sets and rapid cycling. Custom solutions can also be designed and installed in your facility.

As part of the purchase cost, Quickstep will assist with equipment installation and provide training and support to your personnel. During the licence period, we provide regular upgrades to the software and provide ongoing technical support. In return, the parts producer makes a “per part” payment for use of the machine, usually significantly less than the savings achieved from reduced energy, capital and tooling costs. The net effect? You come out well ahead of the game and so does your OEM customer.

The end result is a low capital cost, turn-key solution that provides manufacturers with a substantial competitive advantage, as outlined in the following table:


Conventional capital purchase

Quickstep partnership arrangement

Plant and equipment High capital cost Generally much lower equipment cost than autoclave
Installation Cost Typically 30 to 100% of autoclave cost. No special foundations, installation often less than 10% of equipment cost
License fee No. Yes, paid as a per part royalty.
Technical Assistance Possible, fee paid. Yes, provided as part of licence fee
Supply, installation and commissioning At user cost. Yes, provided as part of license fee
Maintenance Equipment covered initially, then additional cost Can be included as part of licence fee
Shipping, handling of equipment Varied based on equipment size and design by supplier Designed on a platform in modules that can be easily moved by forklift. Slides into a 40ft shipping container.
Technology upgrades Generally available at additional cost Yes, provided under the license fee
Floor Space Large footprint Minimal space required and easily moved
Moulding size of product Limited by volume capacity of autoclave Few size restrictions, just add tools