Business Solutions

Perhaps you’re interested in the benefits Quickstep's advanced composite manufacturing solutions can provide for your business, but you’re not yet sure how to integrate the technology. Chances are, we have a ready-made business solution ideal for your needs.

Our Contract Development Solution is a low cost way to learn what Quickstep can do for your designs. We work with you to design the parts; we build the tooling, make prototypes and assist in your evaluation.

If you prefer to explore Quickstep in your own labs, our Pilot Plant Solution may be appropriate. Here we supply a base “pilot plant” machine and annual licence designed to assist you to conduct Research & Development and early-stage analysis of the Quickstep Process prior to deciding whether to make a production commitment.

Our Production Solution is for those businesses ready to make a production commitment. We’ll supply one or more production plants and a per part support agreement for serial production environments.

Quickstep is also able to provide a range of custom solutions, including part and process development under contract, and the supply of custom machines.

Contact Us today to discuss to discuss your business needs - our experienced team members are only too happy to help.