Quickstep Curing Process

Quickstep has developed a range of unique manufacturing technologies for out-of-autoclave production of advanced composite materials.

--- Quickstep Process OpperatorThis patented system is known as the “Quickstep Process” and offers significant advantages over traditional manufacturing techniques such as autoclave, including:

  • Low capital cost for set-up
  • Significantly shorter cure cycle times
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Design flexibility to meet, or where required, improve material properties of the end product
  • The ability to produce complex integrated parts offering major cost savings by eliminating bolts and rivets

The Quickstep Process is highly adaptable and can be focused on high volume automotive manufacturing or specialist thick parts such as spars and wing skins in large defence and commercial aircraft.

Quickstep QS 250 Plant 2The Quickstep Process continues to attract interest from global Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)  with Quickstep currently working with the US Department of Defense, major European car manufacturers, one of the two giant aerospace OEM's and many other institutions and commercial organisations.

In 2013 Quickstep sold a large machine; 6x4m to a satellite launcher part manufacturer. For more information click here.

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