C-130J Super Hercules Manufacturing

Quickstep’s C-130J Super Hercules Manufacturing

In March 2012, Quickstep was selected by global aerospace and defence leader Lockheed Martin as the sole source supplier to manufacture carbon-fibre composite wing flaps for the C-130J Super Hercules aircraft, which is the longest continuously produced aircraft in history. The program is expected to generate revenue for Quickstep of between $75 million to $100 million over the next five years and the parts is manufactured at Quickstep’s state of the art facility at Bankstown Airport, New South Wales, Australia.C130J Image

This is an important and prestigious contract for Quickstep, which was selected as the supplier for the
C-130J flaps following an international competitive tender program which attracted numerous bids from manufacturers around the world.

Quickstep received its first purchase order for preliminary work such as planning, tooling and training activities in August 2012, followed soon after by a US$12 million purchase order to manufacture and deliver 24 shipsets of flaps. Each set comprises four parts with a structure and skins of carbon fibre composite, providing light, strong components capable of great endurance and longevity.

Quickstep has completed all qualification tasks required by Lockheed Martin’s materials and process technical engineering testing program, confirming Quickstep’s readiness to begin manufacturing. Quickstep is now an approved supplier to LM for this part. The qualification test results included the successful fabrication of destructive test articles using Lockheed Martin’s approved production processes.C130J Detail wing examination

Deliveries of parts have commenced in February 2014 on time. As at the end of October 2014, 16 shipsets have been delivered. Quickstep is delivering three shipsets a month. 55 shipsets are on firm orders at the end of June 2014.

The C-130 Hercules aircraft has been in continuous production since 1954. In the late 1950’s the Royal Australian Air Force became the first international customer to purchase Lockheed Martin’s tactical transporter, and the C-130J has now been sold to 67 countries worldwide. In May 2013, the worldwide C-130J fleet surpassed more than one million flight hours beginning with the C-130J’s first flight on 5 April 1996.  

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