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Welcome to Quickstep

Quickstep is an Australian listed company ASX:QHL at the forefront of advanced composites manufacturing and technology development.

Quickstep is the largest independent aerospace-grade advanced composite manufacturer in Australia. We manufacture using both traditional autoclave and leading edge out-of-autoclave production technologies for aerospace and automotive. Alongside our manufacturing headquarters in Australia, Quickstep also has a Quickstep Process development facility in Europe.

We are currently partnering with some of the world’s largest aerospace/defence organisations, including the US Department of Defense, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Airbus, Thales and BAE.

We welcome enquiries from companies seeking advanced composites manufacturing solutions - including our patented out-of-autoclave Quickstep Process for aerospace and automotive as well as aerospace and defence build-to-specification or build-to-print contracts.

Special Announcements

Efic Case Study on Quickstep


Quickstep had a major breakthrough with its patented process, after receiving an order from an aerospace company for one its production machines.

The company was a government entity in Europe, which was looking to make shielding parts for its satellites.

Quickstep also won a major composite manufacturing contract from the United States government, which will see it join a panel of manufacturers from around the world supplying parts for a long-term program of building fighter aircraft.

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Quickstep Appoints New CEO/MD - David Marino

David Marino - CEO


Lockheed Martin Supplier Update - December 2014

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